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Message Subject Yonhap: Kim Jong-un orders mass artillery production for "rapid pre-emptive attack"
Poster Handle anonimalle
Post Content
I just want to know what is going on inside that little man's head, what kind of scenario he really sees playing out? It must be stranger than any of us can imagine.
 Quoting: King Felix

My instinct tells me he has an ace up his sleeve that is outside the paradigms of U.S-S.K military planning and expectations.
 Quoting: The Tauremini

I agree. I think it is a case of watch this hand here and not my other one. I think he has people inside the US who will carry out some kind of attack. He may be aligned with Islamic terrorists too. Or some attack on our electronic infrastructure.

And was that basketball player involved? Why are JZ and Beyonce in Cuba, and why was Ayes in Egypt around the Arab Spring time? And what really happened in Benghazi? And who is the common connection to all these events?

"Something wicked does come our way."
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