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This isn't REAL! Why is everyone buying into this show?

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04/09/2013 05:53 PM
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This isn't REAL! Why is everyone buying into this show?
Surely, I can't be the only one who has figured this out - that our limited, duality based perception is just that.. LIMITED AND DUAL in nature - that we are allowing ourselves to be deceived. What good is being "awake" when the majority are so complicitly blind with fear and content with hanging on to these useless belief/monetary/class paradigm systems that bind them?

How can you not literally FEEL that at this very moment we stand at the crossroads and precipice of either our species destruction or salvation? Why are people WAITING for something to happen instead of MAKING something happen and turning the tide? I feel like I'm in a bad fucking B-movie about the apocalypse and I'm the one only who sees what is horrifically about to unfold.. I even have friends and family who all share this defeatist attitude of acceptance of our fate; they say, "well.. this is just our nature, we're just meat bodies with laptops and cellphones - no better than animals who fight their way through the evolutionary food chain." WHAT THE FUUUCK?! No we're not - well it seems that perhaps they are, but I feel so alone because I no longer listen to my internal dialogue (ego). Am the only SANE soul alive?

If our conscious is exponentially expanding faster and faster as time also begins to accelerate into a new and/or final age (13 b'ak'tun?) then we're becoming more aware of things faster than we can internalize and process - so it's as if even though we're all kind of collectively linked consciously and becoming aware together simultaneously; but then why do only a few care and most do not? This whole NK War thing plays out like a script to keep people distracted from "Awakening" to who and what is really in control of the big picture here. Brought to you by the same people who gave us concepts of guilt and sin, good and evil and all that other BS that has divided us across an expanse of age and time. Wars, aliens, pop culture, religion, etc. all smoke and mirrors to keep you focused on a world that is not even REAL. Simulation or matrix-reality, if people don't quickly take advantage of this opportunity and let go of their beliefs/possessions and WAKE UP, all will be lost. We are not divided or separate - we are all united and bound by the same desire and goal: LOVE AND PEACE! So simple, so uncomplicated.. but memories have been convoluted and many do not remember who/what we truly are. Again, it just seems to me like people are just waiting or expecting for something to happen instead of MAKING it happen..

Does anyone else identify with any of this? If so, how can we, the VERY FEW, save or alert so many who do not want to listen or let go? If only there was a way to speak into the hearts and minds of these fools. Sorry for the rant; I've never felt so compelled to yell "WAKE UP" in all my life! Any advice from like minds here? Just meditate and be at peace with is occurring? It just seems like there HAS to be another way. Some how.. some way
You can find all you need
The message is in the silence
Whisper words to calm your mind
Reach inside