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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle KIP
Post Content
-early 80's
-playing with toy figures on floor of room
-consciously aware of "time slowing" down

Very hard to describe. I will answer "serious questions" regarding these experiences.

Looking for others to describe similar experiences or other things that happened to them as a child that they remember yet still to this day cannot explain.

 Quoting: KIP

I have had "time slow" for me a few times. Athletes somtimes call it a Peak performance / peak experience.

Playing football time slowed to a point where the ball almost stopped in the air; I jumped an grabbed it, turned and ran. (interception returned for a touchdown). I was beat by 5 yards. To the people watching, it looked like I took a desperate leap & the ball jsut stuck to my hand.
 Quoting: Lemon

So, in some instances, this "phenomenon" can be explained by "adrenalin"? as when some experience a heightened "awareness" before a car crash and time seems to slow?

This I can understand, but my experience didn't occur during any "dangerous" circumstances. Everything was calm, I was just playing quietly alone in my room but experienced this same type of time "dilation".
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