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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle KIP
Post Content
When I was 9 years old I remember my dad waking me up one morning to ask me if he could listen to my radio. I thought it was weird because why would he need to ask permission? I fell back asleep. I don't know how long I was out before I was awakened by my radio playing - VERY LOUDLY. It startled me. I flew out of the bed and ran to turn it off. When my mom asked me what happened - I told her that my dad did it. She thought I dreamed it because he was out of town!

Till this day, I still freak out a little because I cannot explain what happened. I would swear my life that my dad asked me to listen to my radio.

 Quoting: Jynger

Of course I can't answer this for sure, but my first immediate thoughts would be that you were missing your father being that he was away, it became apart of your dream and during that part of sleep where we're half awake/half not was when you experienced this. You may have, unaware to yourself, turned the radio on and fell back asleep. Just my honest thoughts.
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