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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle KIP
Post Content
Went through a phase of intense deja vu experiences. Time seemed to stop but only for me. Stuff was happening around me and I knew what would happen next, or what someone would say next. I was six or seven. I'd ask other kids if they were experiencing the same thing, but they didn't know what I meant and my parents' explanations weren't convincing

One or two episodes of everything slowing right down. Extreme slow motion. People's faces in particular and their voices, which of course sounded weird and scary. Their mouths were in slow motion and their heads were magnified in size. Their voices sounded like vinyl records played at incorrect slow speed, although I only realised that later when I heard records played at slow speed. I was about six years of age when these experiences occurred

Strange episode once or twice where on the screen of my mind I saw large spheres rolling very slowly across the 'screen'. They made a sound similar to bowling balls, although I didn't hear bowling balls in reality until many years later. The balls were pale in colour. They rolled from right to left. Then the screen of my mind became filled with something messy and noisy, similar to the black and white fuzz that used to be on early tv, between transmissions. In amongst the black and white fuzz I could hear frantic engine sounds, similar to what you'd hear at a motorbike race. Then 'switch' and it was back to the spheres rolling majestically and quietly across again. Then more black and white fuzz and frantic motor sounds again, etc. Switched back and forth several times. I was about four at the time. I'd never seen tv or bowling balls or been to motorbike racing. Left a deep impression on me, obviously, as it was close to 60 years ago

Waiting for tea one evening, staring into the open fire. I was four or five. Saw 'myself' on what I later discovered was a galley (old type of ship). It was night. We'd docked at a stone harbour and were glad the voyage was over. 'I' felt overjoyed to be home again. I looked up the hillside which rose from the shore. Many houses, rising up the hillside. Lights inside. I could see my parents' house, high up. Lights inside revealed the arches all across the front. I knew they were waiting for me and had arranged a celebration for my return. 'I' was a young man. Fair, curling hair, bare chested, tanned, strong. In reality I was a little girl in the north of England who knew nothing of galleys or harbours or the scene I'd 'seen' while staring into the fire, yet all were shown in infinite detail during the vision, including the bustle of the harbour, the myriad objects in the galley and on shore, numerous other people, etc.

Last one. A dream or vision, I don't know which. Again, I was four or five in real life. In the dream I was standing in a town. High above me rose tall buildings. Their windows were black, dead. No one around. Just me and the tall, deserted buildings. I was puzzled by what I was seeing. Then, a moment later, I saw (still in the same dream) a small child crouched near a filthy puddle of water. Dramatic, highly coloured sky, mostly red colours. Nearby, a man and woman I didn't know were holding each other. They were sad. It seemed they were saying goodbye. I was sad because I had no-one. Next, I turned and looked at the landscape. Everything was barren, destroyed. And smoking or steaming. In the distance was a large town or city. Between the crouching child (possibly myself) was a lone tree. It was blackened and dead. From my adult perspective now, it was a destroyed and burned landscape - the world was destroyed. At the time, in reality, I was a small child living in a tiny village. I'd never seen any building taller than two storeys high. I'd never seen tall buildings like those in the dream, which now would be referred to as high-rise. I'd never seen a blackened landscape or a city or felt the utter desolation of the scene I'd witnessed

As I grew older I continued to experience unusual phenomena and have done so, spontaneously and at irregular intervals, lifelong
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37799508

Wow! Thanks for sharing that. Have you ever written this all down in a journal or book? Something I would definitely purchase. Have you ever came to any kind of conclusion for yourself why you've experienced these things?
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