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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bill Nelson Trying to remember back to before I was born.

I even got my mother to figure up exactly how many days I had been alive and focused on remembering each day, then the day before and marking them off.

I would feel totally mental sharing this but
Bill Nelson [link to en.wikipedia.org]
had a similar experience, so it may be somewhat common.
 Quoting: zenobiaphobia

Dr. Helen Wambach hypnotised a large number of volunteers (university students, mostly) in an auditorium. Afterwards, they were required to complete a questionnaire, noting which time frame they'd regressed to - what clothing they wore - what sort of eating utensils they'd used and the type of foods they'd eaten, etc.

When the data was analysed, Wambach discovered those who, under hypnosis, had experienced/remembered past lives, had fallen into approx. 51% female and approx. 49% male, which is something which as remained unchanged throughout time

Because people of past eras were often illiterate, many tended to estimate 'time' in terms of which king/ruler was on the throne, or dated their lives in accordance with which war was current, etc., Wambach was able to contrast the various eras with the clothing people said they'd worn and which utensils they'd used in their past life. And interestingly, they matched. For example, if a person stated in the questionnaire that they'd lived in the time of King-X, for example, their description of their clothing and eating utensils conformed with the era of King-X's rule (remembering that cutlery is a relatively modern thing. People of past eras used their hands and shared bowl, for instance, or used simply a knife, or a two, three or four pronged fork. Dating an era by the cutlery used is relatively accurate)

For me, the most interesting and unsettling aspect of Dr. Wambach's experiments re: past lives is the claim of many volunteers who claimed they had been highly reluctant to enter their physical body when they were born into this, their current life. Some claimed they hadn't taken possession of their physical body until very shortly before birth. Others said they'd only entered their physical body at the time of birth, or shortly afterwards. Some claimed they had not entered their physical body until several weeks or even months after birth. And at least one said they hadn't entered their physical body until as late as two years after birth

An obsession with tracing back one's occupancy of one's body might be explained by the fact a person's subconscious may be aware of 'missing time' as could be explained by those of Wambach's volunteers who claimed they hadn't taken possession of their body for considerable time after birth, perhaps. And of course, it raises questions as to just 'who/what' was substituted during the time the intended entity remained AWOL ? Did the parents notice their child's personality altered, we wonder, after the exchange between the substitute entity and the 'real' but tardy personality

If the individual hadn't volunteered participation in Wambach's past-life regressions, would they ever have known they had spent months or years 'elsewhere' instead of googing and smiling at their adoring parents?

And just as interestingly - where did the substitute go after it relinquished the body to the incoming entity?
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