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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle roosterCrow
Post Content
In 1974 I was 4 years old and went outside to swing on the swing set. I looked up and saw an orb just floating in the air. It looked like a giant pearl. It seemed like I just sat staring at it for a while then realized it was not natural. I got scared and ran in the house. I couldn't tell you what it was or if it was even a real memory, but I remember it just as described.

I didn't have an experience like that again until I was in the Navy in the 90's. I was assigned Port Pilot House watch aboard the USS Frank Cable on a trip up the east coast to Halifax Nova Scotia. I was looking down at the Porpoises swimming along side the ship when I noticed a greenish glowing light moving diagonal from Starboard bow toward the port aft of the ship. If I had to guess, it was about 20 - 30 feet below the surface and looked to be about 20 feet in diameter. I knew we had subs running with us but couldn't think of what on a sub I would be seeing. I didn't report it because I didn't know what it could have been and didn't want to report something that would get me listed as nuts. I still don't know what it could have been.

I've never been much into the UFO culture, but I can't pass off what I saw as natural phenomena.
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