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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Shadowdog
Post Content
When I was 5 I started kidergarden. Our teacher was young and pretty. My mom really liked her. She seemed really kind until nap time. We all had a rug we had to lay on and take a nap. Thats when she turned into a monster. She would tell us to lay down and not open our eyes or she would get out her electric paddle. I would lay there and not dare open my eyes. Everday i would hear her grab kids and something making noise and the kid crying. I would lay there wanting to look so bad to see what was happening but i was to terrified. I hated nap time and feared it everyday. I finally told my mom about the electric paddle and the cries everyday and how scared i was. She just laughed and said miss Ash would not do anything like that. I told my mom seeral times about this but she jus always laughed it off. It has always haunted me as it went onthe whole year. It never happened to me but i feared everyday it would. To this day i do not know what the hell was going on.
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