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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle El Tiburon
Post Content
I remember playing with a "new kid" in the late 70's...

We played "CHIPS" patrol on our bikes in a circular courtyard...

This new kid was rammed by another and skinned his ankle between the pedal and a cement wall.

The kid ran off to a corner, leaving his bike there. I chased after him (I was really worried he was hurt). When I caught up to the kid, I saw that the skin was missing from his ankle bone, and there was a hole in his foot. In that hole was wires and metal. It was as if someone had hit a vase, knocked a hole in it, and the vase was full of wires and metal rods.

I even saw it "articulate" as he lifted his foot to cover it with his hand.

I freaked and ran home to tell my mom. She of course did not believe me. But because she is a nurse, she walked outside with me to check on him.

The court yard was empty, and the "new kid" was gone.

I stayed in the rest of that day.

The next day, I met my friends who had NO RECOLLECTION of the kid, nor any recollection of the event. Also, I never saw the "new kid" again.

As an adult in my 40's I can look back on many things in my life and write them off as my being stupid, young, etc...

This is one event that I never understood.

And looking back, I realize that I was ostracized by my friends. I was no longer "in". It was as if they were programmed to dislike me.

Oh well!
 Quoting: El Tiburon

Wow, my first thought would be some sort of prosthetic (advanced) but not sure if they had these types back then. Then you go on with what happened afterwards. Just wow! Just curious if there were any types of "military" bases near where you lived at the time.
 Quoting: KIP

I lived in Memphis, which is near Millington Naval Base. Which at the time was the largest inland naval base in the world. I had an uncle stationed there (I AM NOT KIDDING)

And prosthetic's did come to mind, but we're talking back in the wood leg days.

If you've ever saw the movie "WESTWOOD"... when the android takes off his face.... THAT'S what I saw inside this kids ankle.
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