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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About 6 or 8. Language slippages. I'd hear people speaking as if English was an unknown tounge to me.
Briefly, I couldn't understand anything they were saying.
 Quoting: T-Cain

My kids seem to suffer from this quite frequently (just kidding, I couldn't resist)

Seriously though, this is interesting as I have heard about it before. First thing that came to mind was regarding the past life experiment in a few posts above. It would make sense in that context.
 Quoting: KIP

Hmmm. Don't know if I believe in that whole past life thing.
Maybe it was faulty wiring in my brain where the language center is. It was very strange. It has never happened after those ages.
 Quoting: T-Cain

I don't know what I believe as far as past-lives are concerned

First time someone raised the subject with me as if it were fact, I overreacted and was angry, despite the other person was a close colleague and despite I was generally open-minded at least to the suggestion of most things

Afterwards I was embarrassed about my outburst. But remained angry

Angry not with my colleague but with the possibility we could be assaulted by another life. Because that's how I regarded it - assault

'How dare they'! Don't know why I suspected a 'they' and not an 'it' as responsible for putting people through successive lives - if in fact they do, of course

For years I scorned those clustered around the reincarnation shelves in book stores. Deluded fantasists, I thought

It was an unusual experience which compelled me to at least consider the possibility of reincarnation and led to my reluctantly decided I needed to at least take another look at it. Some books were scholarly, some trash. Some persuasive, others ridiculous

I'm still on the fence. I still strongly dislike that it's remotely possible we could be compelled to endure more than one life. And I state, very determinedly and usually angrily, ' I will not come back here. I will not. Do not ever send me here again or I'll kill before birth any future self you try to force me to be. I will not live again on this hell on earth'

The awful thing, to my mind at least, is that as you get older and mellow and reflect on life, the thought of coming back to 'do it differently and better next time' begins to insinuate itself into your mind. It's happened to my great surprise. I kick it out immediately, but I can see how seductive it might be to some. And it scares me to think I might fall for it at some point

The worst aspect, for me, is the suggestion we may have no control over it and might be forced back. I'm far from impressed by this earthly environment. Any of us could create a world more kind, more just than what we're living through here. Which causes me to distrust the motives of anything that would compel us to live here once, let alone repeatedly

Reincarnation may be gobblydegook of course

I remain on the fence
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