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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This occurred during the summertime when I was about 7-8 years old. My family lived in Hinsdale, which at the time was a newer subdivision of the Chicago area. I was the oldest of three boys, the second being about a year a half younger than me and the youngest was about three years old at the time. We lived in a three-bedroom ranch home. All three of us boys shared the same bedroom. The windows of the bedrooms were the type that were longer in their horizontal dimension than their vertical dimension and positioned off of the floor at a height that as children we could not see out but only touch the sill by reaching our arms completely over our heads, to high open and crawl out. Every night at bedtime my mother would dress each one of us in our pajamas (tops and bottoms) before reading a story and tucking us into bed. One bright sunny morning after having been put to bed the night before my next younger brother and myself found ourselves running around and apparently making a lot of noise in the yard of one of the neighbors about three houses down. It was very early in the morning as the sun was low in the sky and the entire neighborhood was still asleep. But the commotion that we were making had awakened the father of the house that we were at. He yelled at us through his bedroom window telling us that we were in big trouble for waking him up and that he was going to call my mother to tell her we were outside running around. Thinking that we were in big trouble we ran home but couldn't get in as all the doors were locked. As it turned out he did not call our parents as they were still in bed asleep and we had to ring the doorbell and pound on the front door several times to awaken my mother to let us in. The funny thing about this episode is that, although my brother and I were both dressed in a full set of pajamas the night before, when we found ourselves outside in the neighbors yard I was wearing only the bottom of my pajamas and he was wearing only the top of his. When we got home my mother was concerned as to how we got outside because in addition to all the doors being locked our bedroom windows, which we couldn't have crawled out of any way, were also locked. To this day, I have no memory of how we got outside the house that morning as the earliest recollection that I have with this episode begins at the point when we were outside playing in the neighbors yard.
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