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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle 2012Portal
Post Content
Was the passenger in a 69' Cutlass, years ago. My friend went down this hill and into this wicked curve, which we all knew well, way too fast.

Time suddenly slowed to a crawl, as did the motion, till we cleared the cusp of the curve and he regained full control. Must have lasted 4 or 5 seconds. Was a complete trip out. Had The Cult jamming at the time.

I swear that in an alternate timeline, we crashed.
 Quoting: 2012Portal

Had one like that Was on my m/cycle heading to the Girlfriends and as I approached a Junction a car came screaming out hitting me, I Remember hitting the Ground and the feeling of the Impact

Next thing I'm re-approaching the Junction , SWITCHED Lanes as a Car came Screaming out Barely missing me!!

Fucking Freaky....
 Quoting: strange fellow

BUMP. Wow.
My friend, the driver, later died a couple years later, in a muscle car, as the passenger, dead on into a tree.
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