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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As a child, I was tormented by a very emotionally and sometimes physically abusive father. I spent alot of time alone in my room, crying, or playing, alone. My mom was and still is great but she worked a lot to support us and I barely remember seeing her then.
I believe I was around 5 when I first remember "them." They would come at night to play with me and talk to me. My room was pitch black and I was afraid of the dark. I had a very large window and no curtains, so the moon would shine in. We also lived in the country, and moon light was the only light around. My friends were little, green, sparkly, people. I could hold them in my hand. In the 80s, we had these little animal figures that came with little houses and trees and such (calico critters?). I had a little house in my window and I remember playing with the sparkly people alot in those houses. I also remember they floated. There were males and females and they would talk to me. I wish I could remember a conversation. I think they let me know how loved I was.

and another one:

My first experience with something alien was at the age of 13. My mom had picked me up from a jr high dance party and we were driving on the road we lived on. It was late and dark. My road did not have any street lights. My parents live in a rural setting. About a mile away from home a giant orb appeared. It floated in front of our car and about as high as the telephone poles, just below the trees. It was color changing. I remember seeing all the colors of the rainbow, but mainly a yellow orange center. My mom continued to drive and we stared at it in shock and silence. We pulled into the driveway and under some trees where my mom parked the car, after that we lost it. We sat in the car and looked around everywhere for it before exiting. It was exciting and freaky at the same time, but I don't remember us being scared.
My mom has always been my best friend. We have a very, very, unique bond.I feel like it whatever it was, was checking on us.
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