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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is tons of stuff for me. one that sticks out or might be interesting to others..

I was about 7 and there was this brother and sister that lived near me. Their Mom died when they were both really small, I think perhaps during child birth for the girl. Their Dad was always drunk and smoked alot, I remember I went in their kitchen once and the walls and cieling were totally yellow/brown from the nicotine. He never cleaned up outside and never mowed the lawn or anything. In England the gardens have short brick walls with wooden fence ontop or hedges growing next to the wall. SO their backyard was fenced in by these hedges and there was a gate, a path and a square of tall green gress. One day I went to their house and the grass had been flattened in a large circle, what I later learned was a crop circle, but back then thought was fairy magic ;) We played, laid, rolled and screwed around in that circle most of the day and I remember just being really happy. It was a perfect circle and too large to have been from something being placed there, the grass was still fresh and green. The next day it had turned back into grass.

I hadn't spoken to these people since I was 11, but just a few years back got to ask them about it and they said they remembered it, I don't know if they were just egging me on or what, but I remember it quite vividly.
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