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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle nah
Post Content
The most eery thing about my experience is that all my family members had the same experience except I had a name for him, "The Kahiki Man".

It's one of my earliest child hood memories, being in my grandparents basement, the second toilet was down there and I had to use it once, alone. Some tribal looking man came out from nowhere and I flew up the stairs screaming The Kahiki Man! I never mentioned it again until one day all of my family was gathered and I asked them, "did anything ever scared you in the basement at grandma's house?" They all said the same thing, some tribal Indian chief looking guy used to chase them out of the basement too, even my grandmother was afraid to go down there alone and she used to ask us kids to watch her when she went down to get something, or just made us go down there with her.
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