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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Raisty
Post Content
I know there has been some talk about past lives in this thread and while I've only had glimpses of past lives I do vividly remember my first experience when I was put into this life.

I was laying flat on my back in my crib. I remember seeing a golden light above me and someone in the light talking to me. I couldn't understand the language though. I knew I should understand it and I did understand it until JUST that moment. If it wasn't for that conflict I don't think I would of remembered it since over all it was a peaceful experience.

I still think I stepped in for someone at the last moment.

I used to see balls of energy as a child. I did until I learned that seeing things was considered umm "defective" so I worked at making sure I didn't see them.

I had a dog die when I was very young and he would be on the bed with me every night after that. I could feel the panting of the not there dog. This kept up until one day I saw his ghost run right in front of me and through a fence in my backyard. He left after that... I think he did his job and was saying goodbye.

Also, I don't remember this at all but my father told less than a year ago. When I was very young a store by our house would give out lollipops if you picked a piece of paper with a number on it out of a jar. Apparently I could do this every time without fail by "feeling the paper for the one with a number". That was the explanation I gave to my father at the time. Just an odd thing I still do not remember.
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