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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle ISee
Post Content
One of my earliest memories is going out the backyard and seeing Caterpillars on the trees, my Mother pointing them out to me and me going closer to them, but they had tiny human-like faces, went "AAAH" when they saw me like something out of a cartoon, and jumped off the branches and scurried off on the ground in terror. My Mother testifies to this day she did see them jump off the branches so that is weird and funny at the same time. Likely just childhood imagination made me think they had human faces and went "AAAAH". Still exists as a memory though.

Something very real that has caused me sleep problems for all my life I can remember was a doll of an African Girl that would only appear after I was put to bed up on my toy rack, it was not there when adults were around, only when I was alone. It would come down off the toy rack with glowing red eyes and would cackle so evilly while pushing, prodding and tormenting me with her glowing red eyes. My Dad all his life has seen a Joker tormenting him at the end of his bed and he asked if I ever had any little person tormenting me and I told him about it, and he told me that every male of his maternal lineage has had the same thing since way back in Ireland when a Witch put a curse on one of them, tormenting him and every male of the lineage since.

Being in bed in a strange house with my Dad and being very scared for some reason then looking over and seeing a Giant Teddy Bear I had or the house had crying, I remember the tears rolling down it's face. I wasn't too young either and I remember it clear as day and I wasn't dreaming because my Dad was in and out of the room and confirmed to me the next day that I was staring at the Teddy Bear oddly.

In same house, visited by what I can only describe as a Faerie. I remember then feeling as if I was flying, looking down on my own body, then I was carried off into a land and place that I can only describe was like out of a Fantasy movie, the thing is I was raised by strict Jehovah's Witnesses and never saw any fantasy movies or read Fairytales so nothing could have influenced the imagery for say, a dream...

There is so much more, more than I can type here.hiding
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