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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle PHX57
Post Content
My son ...(he was between 5 or 6) and I watched an object on the northern sky in rural N.E. Texas in the winter'78 or '79 for at least an hour..... looked like an oblong object ....very large with multi-color lights along the
edges. As we watched white orbs would come and go...in and out...it hung there forever it seemed. I was afraid to leave the glass door to call anyone..afraid it would be gone if I stopped watching...Finally we got tired of watching and went to bed. My son remembers this vividly...he asked me if I remembered it a few months ago. I find it strange that we just went to bed without any worries. Also I had a vivid dream a few months after, that my ex was leaving the state with my kids...I was so shaken I immediately got up and drove 70 miles to his mothers house and there was a truck with a trailer fully loaded with all his belongings....he was moving to Co. with my kids...he was going to kidnap my kids, hoping I would never find them...If I hadn't followed my dream of him leaving---who knows what would have happened. I know someone or something was warning me.
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