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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle KukiDaiMarakai
Post Content
When I was a child I used to see what I guess were ghosts, or spirits, or something, every time We went to stay at our Aunts house, which was in a very old uk cottage.

Myself, brother and mother would all sleep in the spare room on fold-out-beds, and each and every time, without fail, I would be awake after the other two had fallen asleep. Or maybe I was awakened by My little friends.

The easiest way to describe what I saw was that it looked like a carousel, insofar as it rotated, and it looked like it was cut out of jet-black felt. They were in the shapes of little cherub-esque cute figures, with trumpets to boot! They just kind of flirted with Me, span round and round, upwards, downwards, right up close to Me, almost interacting as I marvelled at their wonders..And each and every time, I would try, and fail, to wake up Mum to tell her.It was magical, and enahcnting, and I will never forget!
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