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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Strawberrymittens
Post Content
#1 Was with a friend looking for walnuts under a tree and found a big grey slug with a white face on it. Killed it with a stick and the face contorted in a way I'll never forget. Scared the shit out of us.
#2 My parents put me to bed and I was laying there drifting off to sleep when suddenly something began nudging my bed from underneath. My bed suddenly lifted a few inches and slammed back down. My parents didn't believe me.
#3 Lived in a house where occasionally I'd hear the chair in my room slowly sliding across the floor at night. Would bury my head in the blankets and refuse to look because I was scared to death. The chair would be in the middle of the room or up against the closed door in the morning.
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