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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When I was young I always got this feeling that I was dreaming even though I was wide awake. I would ask myself "is this a dream or real?". It has happened a few times since I've grown up.

I also used to get this feeling while watching TV that I was looking at a TV that was miles away instead of a few feet away. I could see it perfectly clear, but it was like looking across the Grand Canyon, and once the feeling started, it wouldn't stop until I got up and quit watching for a while.

When I was around 4 years old, I saw a very tall man wearing dark clothes standing in my bathroom. It looked like he had moonlight shinning on him. I wasn't afraid at first and I said "hello". When he didn't respond I got very scared and jumped down off my bed and slid underneath it. I could still see his shoes, so I knew he was still there. I finally got up enough nerve to run out of the room screaming. My parents told me they had flushed him down the toilet to try to calm me down and even at that age I thought that was crazy. Never saw him again.

In the early 70's I used to go and play at the public park which had a small lake. We would go into the cattails to try to catch huge goldfish that people had released. One time while doing this, we came out into an opening in the cattails. All the cattails had been bent down at water level in a perfect circle like a large disk had came down. It was maybe 40 feet across and perfectly round. We didn't think a lot about it, no one had heard of crop circles back then.
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