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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I recall seeing 'shadow people' on the wall a few times. 2-D, just like the shadow of anything. Except they were in the forms of people, and upon becoming aware of my presence they would quickly drift away into the darkness away from the light. The most noticeable event was when I saw the shadow of a man with a cane and an old style type hat, he did not leave right away and shook his cane in my direction before turning to leave too.

I was never frightened by any of this, just intrigued.

The only thing I would consider abnormal other than that is that I know for a fact I saw a UFO 1 night. The moon was bright, and there were few clouds. It was triangular in shape, a bright light in each corner, it favored the size of a large jet airplane and was hovering around the altitude of the clouds. I looked up, saw it motionless and it moved at a moments notice behind a small cloud and did not re-appear and I realized instantly what I had seen. Never seen another though I have gazed many long hours at the night sky afterwards hoping to catch a glimpse of one.

Other members of my family (father's side-only) have seen many things of a supernatural nature (in child and adulthood), some of which are outright terrifying.
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