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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle sashita
Post Content
I've had a few weird experiences as a child and as an adult (ok more than a few). The feeling of time slowing and time speeding is something I can remember even as a child..though then it slowed far more than it sped. Now it speeds. Except, 15 years ago when my Mom was dying at home with hospice, and I was her caregiver, she and I both had some very strange experiences. Basically, I stayed at her house 24/7 from about mid December until Jan. 8, when she died. She wanted to die on her terms..her own bed...no machines...that kind of thing. I agreed that we would act each day as if it were just a normal day. Of course we couldn't act completely normally, but my usual jangly nerves became very calm and peaceful and
tranquil..as did hers. Time crawled and each moment was forever. (in a good way). I did see her soul leave her body and couldn't believe my eyes but knew that what I saw was real....far more real than "reality". I woke up about a week later and I saw her standing in the hall..no longer sick. She looked at me and expressed her love and thanks and said she was going somewhere else but that I would be ok and, when my time came, she would come for me.

Six months later it was dad's turn to die. The same slowing, the same emotions that were heightened but could sometimes be almost joyful amidst the sorrow. When he died, he was in the hospice facility and I told him that they were bringing him some medicine. Although in a coma, he smiled and squeezed my hand. When he was gone, he still had this beautiful smile on his face and I saw golden fireflies surrounding the end of the bed.

As a child I had friends, Movita and Bob, who only I could see. I must have been younger than 5 because we lived in our first house. Movita was something of a gypsy and I'd see her dancing and laughing...not scarey at all. Bob was a soldier who would talk to me seriously. I thought everyone could see them and became highly agitated when told they were just my imagination. They weren't. I could see them and talk to them and they could talk to me. Sometimes I would get a really off feel...one of total emptiness (although I don't know how a child so young could feel such a thing) and I knew to go to the mirror and look and Bob and Movita would appear. They slowly just vanished..never to be seen again.

I'm 61 years old now and I guess it's normal to feel time fly, but it's moving at a pace I can hardly keep up with. Sometimes I feel very comfortable in this new world of the 21st centuries and, others, I feel like a visitor from another time and space. I guess none of this sounds to concrete..but they weren't concrete experiences. And, I've always had a sense a precognition, but only about world events, never about personal matters. Needless to say, this has made for many unsettling days. Daddy told me that, when JFK was in Ft.Worth on the morning he was killed in Dallas, that I told him that it was going to happen.I don't remember telling him, but I do know that I woke very early that morning and looked out my bathroom window. It was still dark and there were showers. I looked to the west and the sky, which was very cloudy, began to roll and tumble and turn red and I became very fearful that something would happen in Dallas that day.

I've jabbered on enough about some of my odd experiences. It's nice to be able to discuss them among others who might understand. Right now, at 12:23 am on the 12th of April, I am particularly unsettled. But I've probably just worked up a case of the nerves and it means nothing.
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