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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Had a lot of deja vu's when I was under the age of ten.

Had an outer body experience when I was fully awake at about age seven. Really vivid memory of this. It was daytime, I was lying on my bed and then 'flew' up for about 30 cm above the bed. Window was open, and heard other kids playing outside. I wanted to fly outside and let them see what I could do, and all the time I was overwhelmed with joy and startled at the same time. Eventually did not try to fly out of the window because I was afraid I would go up into the sky and dissapear. I experienced this same thing being half asleep, but that's how I know the difference between that time and other times, because I was fully conscious the first time. Still have this sometimes now. Sometimes I'm lying in bed, and sink through the floor and sit with my husband on the couch. Always lasts untill I realize I'm not downstairs but in bed.

As a child also expierenced strange (as in, I don't recognize) faces, just faces of al lot of other people, in a cirkel right in front of me. First curious, then as I was getting clearer in the mind, making sure I was awake and they wouldnt dissapper, really scared. I never knew who they were, but there were at least 30 different people.

Also know of time slowing down thing. But not to the extend where voices were distorted or something. Just more like me being in a cocoon, looking out.

As an adult: little moments of looking through a telescope view, watching a detailed scenery, but knowing I was never there!

These things do not happen often. I cannot make them happen. I always stay sober about it, because I want to know for sure its not my own mind playing tricks on me. Above situations were genuine.
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