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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle david
Post Content
i am 5 years old i am playing with my best friend and his sister on the sidewalk in front of their house. my friend's sister is one year older than us

after a while she asks us if we would like to meet her new friend.

i remember walking about a city block.
we enter a small house
there is a short skinny guy with no shirt in his early twenties sitting in the front room.

he pays very little attention to us 2 boys, but he asks her if she wants to play

some time must have passed, i remember my friend and i are playing with toy trucks on the floor of this dingey room. i want to go home. the light is fading outside.

i wander to the next room, the door is mostly closed but i peer thru the opening.

the short skinny guy is wrestling on the bed with my friend's sister

i don't remember anything else. in fact, i forgot the entire incident, until decades later. like a flash of light the scene returns from my child memory to be replayed in my adult mind... where the meaning of what had happened could be understood,

i never mentioned this experience to anyone before...not even to my friend or his sister, both of whom i still know some 50 years later
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