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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle The Comforter
Post Content
~At age seven I was compelled to step out into the isle of Bethlehem Church in Richmond Hill, Queens New York.I gave my heart to Yeshua. The Pastor and church were stunned.

~I recieved a vision shortly afterward near summer 1980. I was A Prince from Yeshua's home planet and that they sent an armada of rescue ships to earth. When they arrived there many advanced ships beyond description whic carried emissaries of Light from the kingdom of Light on behalf of Yeshua. This happened during the day.

~In 2010 I was contacted by Metatron, El Elyon, & Lord Yeshua and was told an armada had been dispatched to earth with Lord Yeshua as Commander to Heavens Armies. The Exodus extraction would occur when all encoded Star Seeds responded to a frequency they would emit from their ships surrounding earth that would alter our Light code and transfer those who accepted by choice to resonate at 528hrz. Known as "The ARC Code".

~Unconditional Love is the Only Way to return home my brothers and sisters of the Cosmic family. May you awaken to Love soon.

With Love, Your brother Jason
A Prince of Peace and Son of Lord Yeshua

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