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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bumpity bump! I love these types of threads. I'll share later.

 Quoting: geminilion

it was early 90s
waiting for a pizza delivery out side my bording school
about 12-1 ish. it was a clear nite with lots of stars
i looked up and saw what i thought was a shooting star
[it was very small compared to all the other stars but just as bright] as i watched it came to a stop instantley
and split in to three , one went stright up and the other
to went side ways in oppisit directions to form a perfect
triangle, it rotated about 160 degrees and then all the
points came to gether and it shot off in a different direction than it first came from . its hard to tell you
what kind of size triangle the little star dot covered
to make this triangle but it was a little taller than my
thumb when i put it up to see if i could get some cind of
scale. it only lasted for maybe 30 to 40 seconds. this
is a realy strong memory from my youth , i seen it with
my own eyes. no cameras or scopes just my naked eye.
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