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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When i was about three or four years of age i used to live in a small town in central america with my older brother and grandmother. one night the light went off randomly so my grandmother decided to go and get some candles and macthes from the night store. my brother a friend of our and myself decided to be at the house porch because there was more light there. at this one pont we herd a noise of people screaming and yelling. the sound got louder and louder so we decided to go on the road to see what and where. as the sound got louder we noticed a CAT-LIKE-MAN crossing the crossroad some 100m away from us. it was a tall dark figure with maybe some orange stripes. the figure was about 2m high and walked just upright. (imagine a cat standing on its back legs. after maybe ten seconds we saw a large group of people running after it with trches and machetes. we decided to run after those people. when we reaches a gentleman he had told my older brother that this creature was folled up a tree and it dissapeared. police cme to the scene and only found a tail up the tree. Only my brother and i speak of this event. I also know that in this area there are governmen experiments. research 'rincon de la vieja' Guanacaste. IF anyone has any similar memory please let me know. and i do have a lot more stories as i see things almost daily.

One love
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