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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Cydoniak
Post Content
We were about ten years old back in 67. We all liked Big Time Wrestling. The wrestlers were, Bobo Brazil, The Sheik, Andre The Giant, Pompero Firpo,Flying Fred Curry to name a few. Funny my dad would watch it with me and The Sheik and Pompero Firpo would cheat and cutand burn with fire and trash the opponent with the good ole heavy duty metal folding chairs. Dad would get wound up and call them all crazy and all the copious amounts of (fake)blood and the trainwreck ass whoopins with the blood flowing like Aunt Jemima's Syrup on Sunday Morning. He really thought it was real, geesh, and I was only 8-10 yrs. old.
Well the boys down the street would talk and act out these crazy antics. One day Hal, the funny guy, was acting like Bobo Brazil and his Coco Butt. Hal was layin the Butts down lavishly all the while we had a cassette recorder running. The recorder was placed on the floor of Hal's carport .Oh by the way we all lived next to an old abandoned 1700-1800 graveyard. Well we commenced to play our antics and out of the blue a raspy mean demonic hateful voice came over the recording and loudly as if (it) was right against the microphone. It said, We are going to Kill You!
We happened to be possibly the first people to get spiritual-demonic entity on a cassette. Many researchers use cassette recorders to copy their so-called ones on the other side. They ask questions blindly and hope they get an answer. They never know if they scored until they playback their work. Well I'm still around and so are all the other kids that hung together in our formative years. Thank-you
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