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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have seen a ghost, or a jinn as they're referred to in my culture. It was in my early teens, I came home from school, munched on some food and went upstairs to speak to my mum. I reached the top of the stairs, when this blurry figure came out from my mum's room [as one come's out my mum's room, this leads to one standing in front of my room door]. So I'm about 1.5 metres away from this thing, as it stood in front of my door. I freaked, my body went into auto response mode which was to curl downwards and hide my face. May sound funny, but I was genuinely shitting myself. At the time of this "body curl" I shouted for my mum, who came. I looked up again from this curled position, and it was gone.

There's been other events but I have no recollection, hence was told about these at an older age. One, my mum used to hear things, like voices talking to her. This was in a different house. And I was very very young. I've been told they would be aggressive voices at times. Secondly, my aunt [mum's sister] got possessed. Don't think I was born around that time.
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