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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle TheTruthMonger
Post Content
-early 80's
-playing with toy figures on floor of room
-consciously aware of "time slowing" down

Very hard to describe. I will answer "serious questions" regarding these experiences.

Looking for others to describe similar experiences or other things that happened to them as a child that they remember yet still to this day cannot explain.

 Quoting: KIP

1) Visiting family in the mountains, lying in bed with grandmother at night - in the far distance a door with a window becomes visible with smoke, fog, whatever emanating from behind it and from underneath the door. The door creaks open , grandmother shields me from viewing the sight - it goes away.....I was 4 or 5.

2) A different grandmother passes away - she was a lifelong diabetic and passed away after years of being on bed rest without an arm and without two legs. A day after she dies i have a dream that she comes to me with both legs and her arm intact , with the happiest look on her face, she grabs my hands and we dance, then tears of joy fall from her face. I was 4.

3) Lying in bed as a young teenager (10 - 11) , a lit torch passes across the window to my bedroom. It lit up the room. I look outside to investigate ---- nothing.
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