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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
"Primal innocence. An exaggerated and almost hard-to-believe feeling tone of tapping the childlike wonder and dwelling inside magical worlds. Very intensive protection and guarding. Being permitted to remain alive to the hidden places and even encouraged to stay true to what is felt as unworldly, otherworldly. Given all of this as an assignment. When fantasy and imagination, inward feeling and depth attunement prevail, we really are carrying something indispensable and most conspicuously missing in the contemporary world mix. We are asked then to embody this realm in a fashion which captures the imagination of others and holds it there.
In order to do so, we must turn fear into a friend; make doubt just another character in our ritual dance. Every kind of shadow is right there, included, given full respectful place. Nobody is placed way back in the forbidden recesses. All are to be played with, to be brought on stage, to be known and loved.
We are seeking here a full dimensional attention to the rationalistic civilization. For this we need the power of the inner life when stripped of antique overlays. We must be wide open to the future and undiminished by the lessons of the past. This is the way of the life.
The greatest struggle lies in cutting through the illusion of conflict and duality. We must even discover that anybody and everybody is equally wondrous and terrible. No villains, no heroes, nothing to preserve or defend, no way to believe in the kind of ghosts we manufacture to spark ourselves out of here.
Once the inward caverns are swept clear of the biases for and against, we must open the curtain at last. All of existence then pulses through us, an empowerment of what we are all made of.
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