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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle SewDucky
Post Content
I had a lot of things happen as a kid. None of it really bothered me, and there were a lot of things that I couldn't list them all.

I used to play with both of my grandfathers in my sleep that died long before I was born, one nearly 20 years earlier, and one 10-12.

I told my mom things that came true later. I also told my dad of things that archaeologists found as I had described. Some happened a few years to just recently. (I said these things 1978-81 and many of them happened 1986-2012). My dad is more freaked out then my mom was.

I used to talk to Samedi as a kid, and I lived in an area where there were no blacks, so generally seeing a black dude with a skull mask should have been freaky. When I was about 7 he told me he had to go, but gave me a doll and told me to make sure I kept it, and why. I still have it 30 years later.

On a related note, my son used to play with Ganesh. He used to talk of the elephant man, Nash. It wasn't until he was about 4 that he saw a picture of him and pointed out his "friend".

I was raised Catholic, and it wasn't until I was an adult I learned that my great grandmother was involved with voodoo. My son...I still don't know where the Hinduism came in, since he's always gone to Catholic or Methodist churches.

I had weirder things as an adult happen, so I guess my childhood was pretty normal by comparison.

As to the time thing, I've found that since I went back to a more vintage way of life (cooking from scratch, organics, sewing my own clothing, stepping out of the rat race, spending less the a couple hours on the net, being a stay at home mom and wife, etc.) I've gotten some of the "time" back. It is still faster then a kid, as the frame of reference post suggested, but I seem to have more moments throughout the day that I am able to stop and smell the roses as it were. I'm not rushing to do everything. I have my routines that get done, and I have my time to look around instead of constantly fighting to get to the next thing and do more.
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