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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Senzeletoth
Post Content
When i was a young girl (under 10- im 22 now) i had a lot of weird experiences...ill do my best to describe them..
-I remember the time slowing down around me on occasion. I also remember sometimes feeling extremely extremely big or small, sometimes my whole body, sometimes just my head or hands. I remember it being terrifying i hated that sensation it made it hard to breathe.
-Once i was laying down in my bed, when my brother and i shared a room and i remember opening my eyes and looking down at myself while i slept.
-Twice i saw a tall black shadow. Once in the room i just mentioned, it came up out of the floor, the second time was a few years later in my new room ( an addition was built on the house) the figure came through my wall and went out through the opposite wall. Those may have been an over active imagination? I didnt have the terrified feelings i got when i saw myself sleeping or my body felt "big"
-At about 16 i had a continuing dream for almost a month. There was a little blonde girl lost in a big house and each night i tried to find her. The last night i had that dream i found her, she was in a room that had a locked door and water running out under the door. I never did get her out. But i would wake up every night and draw pictures of the house and girl.
-When i was 18-19 i had a dream this guy in a white shirt was being chased and got shot. About a week later i went to a friends party at her house and her daughters father got shot. He was wearing a white shirt.
-Ive had episodes of deja vu for as long as i can remember. I used to just accept it but it happens so much that its starting to bother me. The frequency seems to be intensifying the older i get.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1562472

I only had the 'feeling big' situation happen to me a few times, but it was really scary because it just didn't seem right.

I also had a period of time (about a week or more?) when I was able to predict the winners of that MTV show 'Singled Out', every single time.

And finally, I saw a demon once.
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