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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When I was 4/5 , I woke up and found myself at the bedroom window looking at this figure which was the colour of the moon and was like a human figure just kind of suspended there , can remember my mum coming into the room and closing the blind and the curtains......I couldnt have opened the blind as it was too high up , she is to this day still a bit freaked out by that incident , I remember no fear while I just stood and looked at this figure...

My aunt lived in a bungalow which was , how can I put it....erm a bit "active" , one day I was in the car with my mum and dad going to visit and I was waving at what I thought was my cousin waving at the front window , when we got inside I ran into her room and my aunt told me that my cousin wasn't there , in fact she was alone in the back of the property making pastry when we arrived.....

When I was 15 I was sitting with 2 friends who were both 15 in the middle of a huge field which is called The Wick , short for Battleswick , we were playing silly buggers anbd were kind of hidden by a dip and slightly longer grass , we were jumping out as people walked past a distance away and thought it was hilarious...then we saw a nun , I told the others we weren't going to scare her as my mum is Catholic and taught me to respect nuns , so we just sat there and watched her....when she turned round she didnt have a face , just kind of swirly mist where the face would have been , the "she" drifted to one side diagonally then in the opposite direction....we all freaked out and ran like Hell.......I slept on the floor in my parents room that night.....lol
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