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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know how when you are very young you start having flashes of thoughts and memories? It is almost like your soul is waking up or twirling into this existence.

The first memory I have is staring out a window up into the clouds. It was daylight out, and I remember looking up into white and grayish blue clouds rolling by in the sky. I could hear a really strange sound humming through the clouds. My first thought was about UFOs, and I remember knowing that something else was up there in the clouds.

Later, when I was older and I could talk (probably 5,6, or 7.) I was playing out in the yard alone by myself. Out of nowhere this little blond headed girl showed up. She was around my age and asked me to talk to her. So, we swung on a swing-set in the yard and talked for what must have been hours. I cannot remember everything we talked about. However, I do remember the last things she said. She ended up saying she had to go, and she promised me that she would protect me, and she also said that she would come back for me.

After this, she walked away and vanished into the air. I never saw her again, and there is no one it could have been in the area. People don't just vanish into the air. I don't know if she was a soul mate, alien, or a guardian angel. She had a glow about her, like she was made of a white and gold light. I can still see her smiling in my memory when I look back on that day.

Ever since then I have felt like maybe she was my soul mate checking in on me. I have also felt like maybe she was an angel that watches over me and protects me. I wish I really knew who she was.
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