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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Superduper
Post Content
When I was a kid in OH and about 7 years old. My brother and cousins used to scout out the back acreage of my grandpa's property. There was a "crick" as we called it there with stepping stones to walk across. The rest of 'em walked across first and I was last. Upon crossing and upon have just crossed over these 'stones', I discovered these stones were large turtles. They all laughed at what I had said. I KNOW what I saw. OF course, I was the only girl in the group and the youngest - so har, har.

Also on that same property, there was a very large barn/shed. On the ceiling of it, there was a very large water vessel of some type just hanging there. I was very curious and wanted to know what that was. I was told not to talk about that; that it belonged to grandpa from a very, very long time ago.

I would say that my grandpa came to this country around about the late 1800s. They were of Prussian heritage and also changed the spelling of their last name for some unknown reason. Anyhow, don't know what that ship was and why it was sooo mysterious.

Wish I could go there again - back in time to know more. Family secrets or mysteries.
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