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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i remember that in the first stages of trying to fall asleep, when i gazed at the blackness, and then suddenly feeling like my soul or point of view moved away from the first point within that blackness, it felt like the blackness had depth
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37796287

I would say that this was the start of an out of body experience. Your 'soul or point of view' is commonly understood as your consciousness moving out of your body's orientation to a place outside of the boundaries of your physical body. You are more than your body. Even though there is a vocabulary that attempts to descibe it, it is still very much unxeplained -- but it is experienced.

I didn't have such an experience as a child, but when I was 20-21 I accidently discovered how to attain an out of body experience. This was not what some call an Astral Projection. This one was fully "mundane in the physical realm". I practice and practiced this technique unsucessfully until I was 35 years old, and then one day I was blown away by it, it worked again. For me, the techique was all about mentally playing around with your visual after images.. learning to make them persist, changing color of them at will, and learning to paint in them, landscape and then 'walking into the landscape'.. once I hit that point, full out of body experience. Still it is a completely unexplained experience. I have heard several children from ages of 5 to 10 talk about such experiences as well. Adults tend to poohaa their accounts.

OBE is one of many reported kinds of altered-consciousnesss.

I have experience poltergiest but only as an adult. Though there are vague memories of some things that might have been poltergiest when I was very young, from a year old to around three years old.

My conscious awakening at that six month point started as a growing light field, its like my senses started kicking into a conscious form. Yet even before that there was sound of some kind a vague conscious awareness of sound and touch. Hard to explain.

One thing about a pitch black field one is embedded in , and then a very small light to flick on, grab an after image and switch off. .one can play around with after images even with your eyes fully open.

I think some great effect could be had if one could figure out how to contorl one's own retina's spontaenous waves.. those clouds of mysts that one sees at night going to sleep, the vagues dim mists or fogs or clouds.. moving around your visua field with your eyes closed.

Through great personal experience experiments, I am now of the opinion that best age to attempt OBE by the conscious control of your visual after images is between 18-22.

This all is weird stuff that many people will just say, "its all bullshit".

But what one experiences, one experiences.
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