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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle KIP
Post Content
All I can say is...WOW!!!!

I am extremely impressed and humbled by everyone's stories and experiences. I've read every word you wrote and emotions have ranged throughout the scale. Thank you.

It is amazing to read the varied experiences, some similar to others and some completely unique. I do believe these things leave deep, deep impressions on us and stay with us throughout our lives. Sometimes we'll find answers, but sometimes, we just find more questions.

I will also share....long story, I apologize in advance.

--Would be in grade 10 and started dating a girl. This is the girl I mentioned earlier that would be known around the school as "clumsy" as she was constantly seen tripping up and down stairs.

We only dated a short time but we got to talking and at one point she admitted to me that she thought there was some kind of evil spirit in her house. She told me that strange things happened constantly.

example-she would be laying down on her couch in the living room watching tv after school. No one else home but her. All of a sudden, she'd hear noises coming from the kitchen with was behind her - sounded like drawers being opened. She'd prop her head up and look over the back of the couch toward the kitchen and she saw small kitchen hand towels lifting up out of the drawers in thin air and being thrown across the kitchen.

another time, she was alone at home, in her room with her door closed, laying on her bed doing her homework. All of a sudden their were FOUR LOUD pounds on her bedroom door. -Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. Scared the crap out of her. She got up her nerve and went to investigate and found absolutely nothing and no one. Strange thing she mentioned is that the pounding on the door sounded "hollow" and seemed not to be coming from the outside of the door but from within it.

another time, she was taking a bath when she felt the sensation of two invisible hands grab a hold of her ankles. Same thing she says she feels when she falls up or down stairs at school. Her bod would become paralyzed as the hands grip seemed to move up from her ankles to her knees, thighs......

This is where I come in. How naive I was at the time.

We were talking on the phone (not cordless) one afternoon after school. We were talking about ghosts and stuff that had been happening to her. She was, at her house, me at mine. She was sitting on the floor with her back up against a wall, knees up to her chest, talking to me. I was pacing back and forth on the phone (habit)

All of a sudden she said it was there! I said, "What was there?" She said the thing just grabbed a hold of her ankles, not letting go and she couldn't move.

So, me trying to be macho, and "stupidly brave", told her that I would help her, to help make it stop. I could tell she started to get scared which in turn kicked in my adrenaline. I told her to gather up all her energy and burst out and kick and scream with everything she had. Very intense moment. I yelled in the phone, directing my aggression at whatever it was.

"You Leave her alone, let her go you F**CKn' coward. Come and get me"!!!!!!!!

All of a sudden the phone went dead with loud static....loud enough I had to move it away from my ear.

I tried numerous times to call her back, only to get a busy signal every time.

About 10 minutes later, the phone rang and it was her saying she was okay and that she did what I had said and it let her go. She was still shakin up, as was I.

Later that evening around dinner time, I was watching tv when I heard my mom cutting vegetables or something on a cutting board in the kitchen was out of sight but just in the next room.

I called to her and asked what was for dinner. There was no answer. A few minutes later, I heard the noise in the kitchen again and again I called to her. Again, no answer. So I got up, went into the kitchen to check it out.

My mother wasn't in the kitchen, no one was, the kitchen was empty, no cutting board or anything that would explain what I heard. I searched for where my mother was and found that she was in the shower. I just put it off as me hearing things so I went to my room which was next to the kitchen and sat down on the pullout couch which was against the wall.

I sat there for no more than a minute when I heard four pounds on the wall right behind my head.

Pound, Pound, Pound, Pound. I stopped holding my breath and less than a minute later, again. Four pounds behind my head. Pound, Pound, Pound, Pound.

It was hollow and came from "within" the wall.

I knew what it was. I ran out of there so f**king fast and slept in the living room for the next little bit.

No further instances. I think it just wanted to send me a message not to F**K with it.

The girl and I stopped dating shortly after that. Not by my choice and we just lost contact. To this day, I wonder about her and what happened.

Thanks for listening and allowing me to share.

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