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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seems many of us could/can astrally project or OBE. I remember being about 2 or 3 and being able to float across my bedroom which was a big space at that age. I was also able to move objects with my mind, like being able to move something from the other side of the room. As I got older and was able to walk, that became the easier option than using the mind as, although it worked, it was hard effort! When a bit older with school friends, I was able to visit their houses (without them knowing) and I would sometimes describe their bedrooms to them for example, although that sometimes didn't go well when they realised it wasn't "normally" possible, to know what I knew, so I would just drop little hints to see the reaction. Had many encounters with the aliens. Would see orbs daily and often the sky would be full of their ships. Been shown apocalyptic scenes of the future. I do know things but I am not allowed to mention them, as it is "against the rules". I would often stay awake all night asking questions and receiving answers. Had one or two encounters with some very dark forces. One day with friends we summoned up something with more evil than I can ever describe in words but generally it has mostly been positive and good. Of course, I had perfect recollection of previous lives back then.
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