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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So glad this thread was created. I used to experience AIWS but did not know what it was until I saw this thread.
I would feel like everything around me was so small, when I looked my hands or feet they would appear to be far away, very odd feeling.
Also, as a kid I would sometimes feel like the world around me was muted somehow. Sounds were not crisp and it was as if I were observing life going on from a different reality, very hard to articulate the exact feeling. I would also have terrible feelings of dread come over me like something bad was going to happen but 99% of the time nothing did happen. I used to live in a house that was haunted by my grandfather, he died before I was born. His presence would scare the daylights out of me, my brother and sister. Many was the time I would jump from half way down the stairs to get away from what was behind me!!! One day I was in the upstairs toilet, must have been about 11 years old and there was an almighty pounding on the door which scared me so much that I stayed there for about 90 minutes at which point my mum, who was the only person in the house other than me came to find out where I was. I told her what had happened but she didn't say much really. We would always have things go missing only to turn up weeks later in a place that had been searched many times.
I also remember as a 5 year old I once saw what can only be described as a classic "white sheet ghost", the kind you see in some movies, at the end of my bed. I pulled the cover over my head and asked it what it wanted but got no answer. After a time I peeked out and it was gone.
Anyway, back to the haunting. None of us kids could stay in the house alone and would stay with friends if ever our parents were away. After my siblings moved out I was the only kid left there as a teenager when one day my mum asked If I had felt the presence recently. In fact I had not felt it for a few weeks at that point and she went on to tell me she had asked her father to leave me alone as he was frightening me. Why the heck she let it go on that long I do not know!!!
I had a few other strange things happen when I was young such as having a dream that I would see a guy at the local cub scout camp who was showing us how to use axes and knives. Sure enough when I got to this camp he was there, complete with all the badges on his shirt and a big grey beard just as I'd dreamt it. I can still see him in my minds eye as I think about it now.
Been great reading some of the experiences here hf
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