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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i remember that in the first stages of trying to fall asleep, when i gazed at the blackness, and then suddenly feeling like my soul or point of view moved away from the first point within that blackness, it felt like the blackness had depth
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37796287

You explain perfectly what I do almost every night. I try to focus on this as I fall asleep, to attempt to keep my mind awake/body asleep to induce sleep paralysis and astral projection.
 Quoting: KIP

Grab an After Image before turning of the light, and closing your eyes.. play with that after image.. learn to make it persist, changing its colors.. paint it with the colors you will it to have, add a second color, and a third.. at your conscious willful decision. Like the botton half green the top half blue with grey or white patches in the blue.. Zoom the 'scene' in and out.. animate the white patches.. you might find yourself not astral projection but your consciousness projecting out into the external physical realm even miles away..

If you ever learn how to control the sponteneous retinal waves and then can do the same with those waves as you have learned to do with the after images.. You will be getting to the point (I think...?) where you might be able to go OBE at will, anyplace, any time. This is what the ancient mystics seemed to have known.

Outside of the altered consciousness thing, there are in fact Real things happening Out There.. that is outside of your mind and body.. and some of them are these other unexplained experiences.

Personally, I think we need to set current Psychology on the shelf and go back to the branch William James, and start over... and explore further down the William James' branch of Psychology.. and Add in a pound of Penrose & Hammerof's Quantum Consciousness Theory.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27972246

Thank you for that. I will indeed attempt to utilize this technique and see where it leads.

 Quoting: KIP

Believe me, should you ever find success with this it will totally blow your mind. It is not like the reports of Astral Project or even any other kind of OBE you will likely have heard up. The second time I did this, the first time that I was successful in deliberately doing this, in my 'out of body consciousness's body' I reach out and touched my wife on the shoulder. I was physically laying on the bed our bedroom.. Whne my out of body 'body's hand touched her on the shoulder she let out a scream, I snapped back into my physcial body and the bed and got up and left to roof and asked her what had happened.. She told me, that she had felt a hand on her shoulder and whipping around there was no one there. Then I knew something marvelous had been going on.
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