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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Pittsburgh
Post Content
I've posted this experience before about 2 years back. Can't recall the thread.
When i was about 4 or 5, i often used to sit and stare at the light bulb (old type with tungsten filament). The filament was arranged in a C shape, like a horseshoe. I would stare at the burning filament and then close my eyes, and i could see the horseshoe shape with my eyes closed, burnt onto the retina of the eye i suppose. Works with any bright light.
Anyway i kept doing it and i heard "ping" "ping" at my side on the floor.
I looked, and there were two brass coloured horseshoes on the carpet! About the size of a coin, and they had "good luck" written on them. I seem to recall keeping them a while but don't know what became of them. I am convinced i did not dream this!
Can we have the power to manifest objects? As children i believe yes. And then we get dumbed down with all the bullshit that life offers, as well as being poisoned with flouride etc etc and any ability is quickly lost.
 Quoting: bargoose

Yes, I believe we CAN manifest objects, and other realities in our visible surrounding. The science is called kriyashakti, I believe.
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