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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have three. Pretty mild compared to some of the stuff I've read here (great creepy reading btw) but here goes:

Once I woke up very suddenly very early in the morning. I was sleeping on my stomach, and jerked up my head to stare straight into my own eyes. I saw my own face except that it was all lit up in patches, staring back at me directly into my eyes, a multi-colored patchwork face, kind of in glowing pastel colors. It was very vivid, very clear. I tried to draw it later, but I couldn't quite get it; all the colors were kind of melting into one another and were blurry, but separate, and yet my features were quite distinct. I ran into my parents' room screaming. Maybe that was just a dream, but I've always suspected I caught my soul coming back into my body after being out wandering. The next one is a little harder to explain.

I was about 9, maybe 10. My whole family (including a young cousin about 5, who was sitting directly next to me on the couch) was in the living room watching a Disney movie on our brand-new VCR, which was still a marvel back then. We were watching Dumbo -- I remember this quite clearly. I had to go pee, so I got up from the couch to go to the bathroom. I was heading towards the kids' bathroom, which was down the hall and around the corner, when suddenly I got very dizzy, so I turned abruptly into my parents' room and sat down on the edge of their waterbed (this was the early 80s) until it passed. I remember rising from the couch and walking down the hall, then getting dizzy, going into my parents' room and sitting down on the water bed, very vividly. I felt the hard edge of the wooden frame against the back of my legs, and I saw the shadows in the room and the light in the hall and everything. But suddenly there was this piercing scream right in my ear and I was sitting right in my 5-year-old cousin's lap. I had not moved even a step. I asked everyone about it and they hadn't noticed a thing. Maybe it was a hallucination, maybe not.

This third one is even harder to explain. I have this only from my parents, as I don't remember it. I guess this happened when I was about 18 months and had been walking for about 8 months (I was an early walker, in fact I learned to walk before I learned to crawl). This would have been in the early 70s (Gawds, I'm old). We were living in an apartment in Santa Monica, and according to my parents, one day, as a record was playing (no idea which one) and I was dancing, I suddenly stopped dancing, looked at the blank wall above the record player, started to cry, and ran out of the room. My parents didn't think much about it at first, but then I stopped being willing to walk through the living room alone (you had to walk through the LR to get to the kitchen).

Before, I'd always done so. After, if my mom or dad was in the kitchen and I wanted them, instead of just walking through the LR like I'd always done, I'd stand at the edge of the LR and call, look at the blank wall, and cry. One of them would come to get me and I wouldn't walk -- I'd demand to be carried and whimper and cry and cling to them, always staring at the wall, until I got to the kitchen, where I was fine.

It got to the point that they called an elder in their religion to find out what to do, and after his first visit, he said on no account to ever leave me alone in the apartment, and gave them a few spiritual cleansing prayers to try. A few weeks later, when my parents' efforts to do their own cleansing hadn't worked and I was still freaking out, they asked him to do a cleansing, which he did. After that, it stopped and I was fine. Later, they asked me what I'd seen, and I said it was an eye. Again, I have no conscious memory of this, but both my parents told me the same story.

I still wonder what it was I saw. I've often been tempted to go through hypnosis to find out... but having been through one horrific past life regression, I think, on the whole, I don't want to know.

I also remember my older cousin (not the one I sat on) telling me that once she'd been able to fly, and describing to me very vivid images of lifting off her street corner. She said she did this many times. Then, she told me, she told my aunt about it. Her mom said people can't fly, and that was the end of it.
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