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Message Subject Unexplained Experiences You Remember As A Child
Poster Handle Craig
Post Content
I was about 10 yrs old in the late 70s and always got into trouble because I typically didn't make it home before dark. It was a summer evening and I was playing in my neighborhood with friends when I noticed the street lights starting to come on. I ran home and as I got to my driveway I heard a noise that sounded like a faint jet engine, only it was muffled. I looked up and just above the roof of my house, seemed like 10-20 ft, there were these really bright lights. Red, blue but especially white. I remember some blinking, some solid and some like they were looking at me. I watched it as I walked towards the door and I kept thinking it was weird that a helicopter was right above my house! It scared me a bit but I was more concerned with the getting into trouble with my dad so I ran in the door. I got inside and it was totally dark and no one was home! That NEVER happened the house always had lights on and people home. I remember standing there in the dark and hearing the "helicopter" like it was still above the roof. I didn't know what to do and I panicked, yelled for my dad and turned around to run back out the front door. I get outside and looked up from the porch and the "helicopter" seemed like it was almost on top of me. It made this jet noise but it sounded like it was 1/4 mile away, not right above me. The white lights were very bright and I squinted and stared at it. I wasn't really scared at that moment, I was more confused and frozen. I stared at it but never really saw anything other than the lights. I couldn't say if it was 30ft wide or 10 ft wide. It really didn't have a shape either, just this muffled jet noise and lights. All of a sudden I get that panicked feeling again and I grab the front door, open it and run in the house and my dad is standing there, the lights are completely on and he's barking at me about why I was so late and that he's been out front calling for me for an hour! I asked him if he saw the helicopter above the house? No. I told him I was just here and about it being dark and no one home and he said he's been home all afternoon and to quit lying so I wouldn't get into trouble. I look at the clock and it says 9:30 and I have zero recollection of the previous 45-60 min other than standing there watching these lights. Seemed like 5 minutes max from the time I first heard it until seeing my dad. I'm 45 now and to this day I remember these things like it was yesterday, just 0 fine details. No one saw or heard a thing other than me and I've rarely talked about this in my life. I'm not sure WHAT I saw or experienced but it was real. Anyway, that's my story!
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