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United Kingdom
04/10/2013 03:10 PM
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DJ Set with Clever Hidden Message
One of the things, I enjoy is Dj'ing. This is placing various Music on two Decks be that Vinyl or CD with creating a continuous beat yet also a sonic journey introducing various styles that normally wouldn't match hence it's both a challenge but also fun.

What got me fascinated about this technique was this song when I was 5yrs old whilst not fully understanding the lyrics I got the vibe of it & that's the point...

As you've guessed Hip-Hop has come a long way in 31yrs whilst the videos have a higher production value those now 'representing' are rather embarrassing but still manage to earn millions upon millions?

Is, this a sign that Humanity is doomed I often ask myself?

Please be warned the below whilst highly surreal does contain strong language of an Adult Street variety...

So, Hip-Hop has gone from an African-American Rapper trying to reveal Poverty within their Community via a Song to one moaning about how everybody is purchasing their French-Italian Supercar due to lacking imagination...!!!

As Lenin said... "Control, a populations music therefore control of them can be obtained".

Music can deliver messages & feeling in 3mins better than some Films which take 90mins hence it's true power.

I've mentioned within a January 2013 article on GeneralJimmy.com -

'A Self-Contained Mathematical Model' - GeneralJimmy.com [Tuesday 15th January 2013]

So, we've gone from The Sex Pistols to Lady Gaga; with the latter trying to back- engineer the energy in a corporate 21st Century manner. Remember, that word:

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE [link to www.planetxlive.co.uk]

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