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Subject NEW WORLD ORDER/prince william head of the illuminati
Poster Handle Highlander ccna
Post Content
Everywhere you look online for the past 5yr wwe have been told the Illuminati-freemasonry-adam wiespot had devised a cunning plan 300 years ago, to pool their money and loans it out for a small interest. Soon kings were borrowing to pay for their opulent lifestyle and wars so as we know they got super rich and 13 bloodlines from cain through to rothschild and european royalty claiming divine rule since ancient Egypt and we blindly follow. Our alternative media bombard us with bush n Cheney in 9/11 cover up, Halliburton getting the contracts to every government contract won by war and on and on.

Am i the only one that thinks the sum amount what tese guys know could be put in a small room and have too much space.

If you check here you will see how the blood child sacrifices, the baphomet worship. alestier crowley has seeped into every part of society it will shock and disgust new 2013 video and news. www.realtruthscotland.org prince william is the antiscrist
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