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Message Subject Illuminati Semis Hauling Fema Coffins
Poster Handle Cornelius234
Post Content
Wow, crazy it seriously has a freemason sticker on the side. what the fuck kinda world do we live in?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1637667

Yes its clearly a mason symbol (Illuminati), and above that there is numerous other emblems, one of which is clearly a USA army logo. In the linked page we have taken screenshots of the emblems but cannot make out what exactly they are. Does anyone know? Also on the link we have a picture of numerous state police logos also incorporating the masonic symbol, as well as Obama's invitation to a masonic party commemorating his inauguration. Any additional pictures of masonic symbols in high levels of government people have your welcomed to post, I may add to the linked page. Also were still hoping someone can tell us what the other emblems on this truck are.
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