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Message Subject North Korea War - Terrifying Admission - Five Million Suicide Bombers Ready To Attack USA and South Korea
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

probably have visit youtube to use the captions on this one

here is the translation

How dare we pardon the south Korean gangster-like forces for scheming to make precision missile strikes at the statues of the great Generalissimos?
Now I am in a mind to run southward at a go to cut off their windpipes.
It is likely that they have not had a correct understanding of the strength of the DPRK that boasts of millions of human bombs.
Once an order of action is given by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un we will take the opportunity to bring earlier the day of national reunification.
Once respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un gives an order of action, we will unhesitatingly join the sacred war for the nation's reunification in the honor of the Korean youth. The U.S. and the south Korean military have become undisguised in slandering the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.
Never-to-be tolerable is the shameless behaviors of the puppet gangsters, who keep themselves alive in dependence on the U.S., bereft of national self-esteem.
Words do not work on the dog-like forces.
Five millions of young DPRK people, armed with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader, will become human bombs and bullets in sweeping away the provokers to the last man.
We will defend the statues of the great Generalissimos and the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun at the risk of our lives and devotedly protect respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, our destiny and future.

as a side issue....why are these people always shouting ?
 Quoting: killedbydeath

Right you are, Kenny. Now let's go down to Captain Teanneal and this week's contestants!
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