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Message Subject North Korea War - Terrifying Admission - Five Million Suicide Bombers Ready To Attack USA and South Korea
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just make it very clear to these lunatics that any suicide mission sanctioned by their government will result in their country being obliterated.
 Quoting: BadMoonRising 4583236

Is it clear to you China won't let the US go to war with North Korea?
 Quoting: --Voltaic--

Russia won't either and this is probably Kims greatest form of defence
 Quoting: killedbydeath

Even if China and Russia did, the US still wouldn't.

All these people who advocate making a parking lot out of Iran, Iraq, NK, etc. by the US forget that the US has made their on MAD via their role in the world.

Already they push their influence as much as they can via drone strikes, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Already the US lost Iraq. Yes, they killed 10000's maybe 100000's of innocent women and children, but ZERO of their long term goals were achieved in Iraq.

If the US ever decided to instigate a nuclear war or was even found complicit in not talking down the rhetoric, the rest of the world would turn even quicker from the US as a leader in the world.

The US is like the big kid on the block with a big bat. Sure, he can beat up anyone, but if he does, nobody will play with him anymore.
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